GDPR statement

This page explains how we apply the requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 which has also been incorporated into UK law in Data Protection Act 2018 in anticipation of the UK’s impending departure from the EU to ensure legal continuity.

Whose data we hold

We hold personal data on three categories of individual:

  1. Members of the Executive Committee of the CMF. (They are also Members of the CMF).
  2. Members of the CMF.
  3. Registered Supporters of the CMF. (This category comprises everyone on our email list who is not a member of the CMF. Inclusion in this category does not imply political support, but the name of the category is set out in article 8 of our constitution and is therefore used on this page.)

What data we hold and how we acquire it

For the Executive Committee and for CMF Members generally, we have asked for the following data on our membership application form:

TitleNameProfession/occupationAddressPostcodeHome TelephoneWork TelephoneMobileEmail addressDate of birthA check box giving confirmation of being a Conservative party memberParty membership number if available

Some versions of the membership application form have not requested all the data fields above.

It is quite common for members to omit the date of birth (which is only relevant if the form is being used to simultaneously apply for membership of the Conservative Party at a membership fee at rates applicable to young people). Other fields such as work telephone are often also left blank and at our discretion we normally accept forms with some data fields being left blank.

Membership application forms from people who are not already members of the Conservative Party are completed on paper, and then either handed to us or posted to us.

Membership application forms from people who are already Conservative Party members are sometimes completed electronically and submitted to us electronically via the website page below:

Join the CMF

For Registered Supporters we ask for the same information as above, except for confirmation of Conservative Party membership. However, as with CMF Members, we usually accept forms that do not complete all the data fields.

How we hold the data obtained

The original paper copies of forms completed on paper are retained in our paper files as evidence that the individual concerned completed the form and chose to become either a CMF Member or a Registered Supporter. Similarly, we retain on our electronic files any forms that are submitted to us electronically.

The data on the paper and electronic forms is transcribed into separate Excel spreadsheets for CMF Members and Registered Supporters by our Executive Secretary so that information can be retrieved easily when required by the Executive Secretary. This Excel spreadsheet remains in the sole custody of the Executive Secretary with a security copy being supplied to the CMF Chairman as a safeguard against data loss in the event of a serious computer malfunction.

No other CMF Member (including Members of the CMF Executive) has access to the spreadsheet.

The following data fields are also transcribed into an electronic system for sending emails to large lists which is maintained by the company which hosts our website.

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address
  4. Postcode

There are two lists, one for CMF Members and one for Registered Supporters. The mailing list system also has a data field for “Ward” but that is never used in practice.

The only persons who have access to the electronic email system are the Executive Secretary and the CMF Chairman.

How we use the data held

For members of the CMF Executive Committee, their name is published on our website.

Each member of the Executive Committee is given a spreadsheet which lists each Executive Committee member’s email address and mobile phone number. They expressly authorise such data sharing amongst the Executive Committee as part of being a member of the Executive Committee.

The sole use of the electronic email system is to email the CMF newsletter. Each newsletter we send by email contains an unsubscribe link.

Occasionally, the Executive Secretary will use the data held on her spreadsheets to send an email to CMF Members or to Registered Supporters or to both to invite them to a CMF event or to send out other CMF news.

Occasionally, we are asked by Conservative Party staff at Conservative Campaign Headquarters whether we have any CMF Members within a geographical region. In such cases, when the CMF Chairman gives approval, the Executive Secretary will search her spreadsheet to identify such individuals and pass on the details to the relevant member of CCHQ staff. Please note that all such individuals are Conservative Party members already, with their data already held by the Conservative Party. The involvement of the CMF is solely to identify which Conservative Party members within a geographical region are also CMF Members.

We never share any of the data that we hold with any organisation other than Conservative Party Campaign Headquarters.

Obtaining a copy of the data we hold for you

If you would like a copy of the data we hold for you, please email the CMF Executive Secretary to request it. If you write from the email address which we hold for you, a copy of your data will be sent as soon as possible.

If you contact as otherwise, we may request additional information to validate that you are indeed the person who you claim to be, before releasing a copy of the data that we hold.