What difference will it make if I become a member of CMF?

The CMF is the organised voice of Muslims in the Conservative party. Every extra member adds to CMF’s weight and influence within the party.

How much money will this cost me?

It will cost you £25 a year to be a member of the Conservative party.

Membership of the CMF itself is free, but you must be a Conservative party member. If you want to give any extra money voluntarily to the CMF, that is up to you.

How much of my time will this take up?

It needs only the time to fill out the form and send in your £25 and become a signed up member of CMF.

Voting in internal party elections, to help decide who leads the party, and helping decide on the candidate for MP will take you negligible time if you choose to do it.

Of course, if you want, you can get more involved with the CMF and with your local party branch.

How much impact can Muslims have since they are only 5% of the population?

Most people in Britain don’t get involved with politics. Accordingly those that do can have a big impact.

The CMF makes regular contributions to the policy debate within the Conservative Party and by getting involved you can have your say.

How much difference can I make by myself?

Don’t underestimate the impact of your own decisions.

As well as your personal membership of the CMF, you can tell other members of your family and your friends; many of them will join because of you.

Together we can change this country and make it a better place for everyone.

Some people have said that the Conservative Party contains racists. Is this true?

David Cameron became our leader in 2005 and has taken a very strong stance against racism and bigotry wherever it exists in our society. He has worked hard to modernise the Conservative Party and make it more inclusive and open to all sections of society.

You can see for yourself how the number of ethnic minority Conservative MPs has risen since 2005.

What is the stance of the Conservative Party on the Middle East?

Like all three major political parties in Britain, the Conservative Party supports a two state solution to bring about lasting peace to the Middle East. This would require Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories and Hamas to renounce violence.

What about the Conservative party policies I don’t agree with?

You won’t find any political party whose views agree exactly with yours. Every party is a broad coalition.

You need to choose the party that you agree with the most, even if there are some policies you don’t like. Also, once you are a party member your voice can be heard on decisions regarding party policy.

Shouldn’t Muslims have their own political party?

We strongly disagree with this. Muslims share the same religion but, like everyone else in Britain, they will have different views on many issues from agriculture to zoology and almost everything in between.

We want Muslims to play their full part in real British politics, not shut themselves off in a separate and ineffectual minority party.

Are Islam and democracy incompatible?

Muslim Conservative Party members think they are completely compatible.

If you are uncertain, please do your own religious research and we are sure you will agree. See also “Does Islam allow British Muslims to vote?” by Michael Mumisa at this link.