The CMF’s fourth objective is “Encourage Muslims to make effective and positive contributions to the development of an inclusive and cohesive society in the United Kingdom.”

Accordingly we encourage Muslims to be involved with all of organisations that provide an opportunity to serve our society. We have listed some below.

Work for an MP

Many people choose to work for a Member of Parliament as a way of gaining experience of political life, or as a long term career.

There is a website used by MPs to advertise their vacancies called W4MPJOBS. You can access it at this link.

Public Appointments

A public appointment is generally a ministerial appointment to the board of a public body or advisory committee.

An appointee to the board of a public body will often be involved in:

– Providing direction and leadership;
– Holding senior staff to account; and
– Representing the work and views of the body.

A public appointment could give you a chance to  contribute your expertise to help the community; return from a career break; meet people from all walks of life; and develop your career, gain board experience and boost your skills. Some public appointments are unpaid, while others are paid.

The Government has a website with much more information and where you can search for specific public appointments that need to be filled. It is at this link.


Our nation’s army plays a vital role in keeping our country secure. On many occasions it has also been deployed abroad on missions that have saved many lives, including Muslims in countries such as Kosovo and Sierra Leone.

The Army recruitment website is at this link.

Apart from recruiting full time into the ranks, there are many other avenues including:

– Joining the reserves.
– Training as an officer
– Joining specialised units such as the army medical services.
– The graduate training scheme.

The options are too many to summarise on this page, but they are explained well on the Army recruitment website.

Royal Air Force

Flying aeroplanes is what the RAF is most famous for. However that needs far more than just recruiting people to be pilots.

The linked RAF Jobs page shows the entry paths from school leavers  and graduates to trained professionals. You can put in your own details and look at the jobs available.

Royal Navy

Britain’s Royal Navy has a tradition that goes back for many centuries. Today’s Royal Navy operates in an intensely sophisticated technical environment, best demonstrated by the very wide variety of roles into which one can be recruited.

We have linked to the Role Finder page, which allows you to see which of the many roles available might be most relevant to you.