Non Muslims – why join the CMF

The Conservative Muslim Forum is an integral part of the Conservative Party. Our focus is on strengthening the connection between the Party and the British Muslim community. The CMF achieves this through community engagement, election support, and promoting the Party on all occasions to all citizens.

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life estimates that the Muslim population of the UK is approaching 3 million, which is 4% – 5% of the population. The community is heavily concentrated in London and other major conurbations but is also dispersing to the suburbs. Accordingly Muslim voters matter in a growing number of constituencies. In a tight election, every vote matters.

Historically, Muslims have overwhelmingly voted Labour, but this is changing. A sign of the times is that after the 2015 general election we have three Conservative MPs who are Muslims. A Survation report prepared for the think Tank British Future estimated that in 2015 the Conservative Party increased its vote share amongst British Muslims to 25%, but the Labour Party still received 65% of the votes cast by British Muslims. See this link.

As a Party member, joining the CMF will cost you nothing and will bring the following benefits:

– It demonstrates your commitment to an inclusive Party. If you have a website, we recommend mentioning your CMF membership on your website.
– You will receive our literature, including suggestions on campaigning for Muslim votes and occasional briefings.
– You will receive invitations to our events.

If your constituency has a significant number of Muslim voters, the local electoral benefits will be obvious.

However even if you have few Muslim voters locally, your joining the CMF will help to spread the message across the nation that the Conservative Party is inclusive and values the contribution of all parts of our society.