Muslims – why join the party

Why Muslims should join the Conservative Party

Every day, the Government makes decisions that affect our economy, our health service, our schools, our foreign policy and much more.

What the Government does is ultimately decided by elected Members of Parliament (MPs). The first priority is to ensure that you are on the Electoral Register, and then to vote. If you do not vote, your local MP will be chosen by the other electors who do vote.

Voting is a good first step, but you can achieve much more.

The average constituency has about 70,000 voters, who get their say roughly once every five years in a general election. However Party members have far more influence than ordinary voters because Party members are able to:

– Vote on who should be the Party leader.
– Respond to consultations on policy development.
– Help select Conservative candidates for the local council and for Parliament.

We are Conservatives because the values of the Conservative Party align with our values including:

– The family.
– Community responsibility.
– Private business.
– The value of hard work.
– Low taxes.
– The importance of religion in the lives of many people.