The full objectives of the CMF are set out in the constitution and for convenience are copied below.

(1) Engage with Muslims of all persuasions and encourage them to participate in political life at all levels, from grassroots to Parliament.

(2) Engage with Muslims and all other communities and encourage them to support and vote for the Conservative Party.

(3) Undertake campaigning for the Conservative Party at elections and other times.

(4) Encourage Muslims to make effective and positive contributions to the development of an inclusive and cohesive society in the United Kingdom.

(5) Work to maintain and build bridges with all communities and religions within the United Kingdom.

(6) Strive to maintain unity, brotherhood, tolerance and goodwill between all persuasions of Muslims and with the wider community and strengthen its social and cultural heritage.

(7) Collate factual information on issues and circumstances relevant to Muslims of all persuasions in the UK.

(8) Create an enabling environment to influence policy development from within the Conservative Party and safeguard the interests of Muslims.

(9) Strive to improve the quality of life of all Muslims through addressing issues including health, education, women’s issues, disability, integration and mentorship of prospective Parliamentary and other candidates within the Conservative Party’s wider objectives.