Co-option onto Executive

The Executive Committee is elected once every three years at an election by secret ballot held during an Annual General Meeting.

However under the CMF Constitution the Executive has the power to co-opt members, and this is exercised from time to time. We welcome people offering themselves for co-option. The process is as follows.

If you are interested in offering yourself for co-option, please email two documents to

1. A CV which contains your details including address and other contact details, your education and career history, just as you would supply to apply for any other role or employment.
2. A completed CMF Co-option self nomination form. This Microsoft Word document asks about your existing involvement with the Conservative Party and enables you to explain how you will contribute to the Executive.

These documents will initially be considered by the office holders of the CMF (Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) to assess whether to put your nomination forward to the full CMF Executive. They will also be seen by our Executive Secretary.

We do not circulate sensitive information such as the CV and contact details to the full Executive but they will be seen by the people listed in the previous paragraph.