Why donations matter

The Conservative Muslim Forum exists to achieve the objectives set out in our constitution, which are listed at this link. Those objectives seek to make Britain a better country for all of its citizens, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.

Achieving those objectives requires the commitment of time which is given freely by people all around the country. It also requires money. Some of our costs are:

  • Paying for the services of our Executive Secretary Shaheen Mahmood.
  • Paying for hosting our website. Our webmaster is our Chairman Mohammed Amin who is a volunteer, but we pay a third party for web hosting.
  • Paying to print our literature.
  • Paying for our stand at the Party Conference.
  • The cost of some meetings, such as the fringe meeting at the Party Conference.

In practice, very little can be achieved without spending some money, even though we operate as cost effectively as possible. We charge no membership subscription, and rely entirely upon voluntary donations.

You can donate to the Conservative Muslim Forum by chequebank transfer or standing order.