CMF Youth Chair, Hashim Bhatti organises interfaith fringe reception at party conference in Manchester  – Sunday 29th September

On Sunday 29th September 2019, Hashim organised the first ever interfaith reception which was co-hosted with the Conservative Christian Fellowship in Manchester at Bridgewater Hall.

The aim of the reception was to thank faith communities for their positive contribution to society as well as acknowledging the social impact their work has on our local communities, across the UK and globally

The theme for the reception was religious freedom and unity.

Keynote speakers included the following:

  • Shaun Bailey – The London Mayoral Candidate 2020
  • Joy Morrissey – Councillor in Ealing
  • Roberto Weeden-Sanz – Councillor on Barnet Council
  • David Walker, The Bishop of Manchester
  • Maqsood Ahmed – CEO of the British Heritage Centre in Manchester

The event followed the successful launch by Hashim of the first ever interfaith reception held at party conference in Birmingham in 2018.

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