Cllr Roberto Weeden-Sanz attends Open Iftar in Trafalgar Square

One of the best features of the UK is our country’s openness to people of different faiths. In recent years growing numbers of Muslim organisations have started holding iftars aimed not just at Muslims but at the wider community as well.

Since 2013, Open Iftar has been inviting people from all walks of life, different faith backgrounds and none, to come together to break fast, share food & engage in inspiring conversations. Open Iftar is the flagship initiative of the Ramadan Tent Project, a community institution developing the knowledge, understanding and experience of Ramadan & fasting for all.

On 30 May 2019 they held an iftar in Trafalgar Square.

We consider that it is important for Conservative politicians to attend such events, to demonstrate their commitment to an inclusive British society.

Below is Roberto Weeden-Sanz leading the way. He is Conservative Councillor for Brunswick Park Ward in the London Borough of Barnet, Conservative London Assembly candidate for Barnet and Camden, and a good friend of the CMF.

Roberto said to us:

“It was moving to take part in the first ever iftar at Trafalgar Square as part of the Ramadan Big Tent Project Open Iftar. Over a thousand people came together to break their fast. It is moments like this which show London at its most beautiful, home to so many of us and welcoming of our diversity.”

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