Lord Sheikh’s Claim against Associated Newspapers Ltd

On 15 August 2018 MailOnline published an article headed “EXCLUSIVE: Top Tory Peer’s appearance at Corbyn’s ‘hate conference’  in Tunisia comes after YEARS of rubbing shoulders with Islamists, hate preachers and Holocaust deniers”

The article focussed on his attendance at a Conference in Tunisia in 2014 which was categorised as  “conference of hate” and it went on to accuse him of rubbing shoulders with Islamists, hate preachers and Holocaust deniers for years.

The article in MailOnline made other unfounded accusations regarding two of his overseas visits and hosting of certain events. He had done nothing improper regarding these issues.

In view of the libellous remarks he decided to take action against Associated Newspapers Ltd and the case was decided in his favour.

Last Thursday Associated Newspapers Ltd apologised to him in a Statement in Open Court which was read out before Mr Justice Warby.

Attached is a copy of the Press Release issued by Lord Sheikh’s solicitors Hamlins and the Statement in Open Court which was read last Thursday by his Solicitor and a Barrister appointed by Associated Newspapers Ltd read out paragraphs 9 and 10.

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