The terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka

One of the grimmest tasks faced all too often by the CMF is responding when appropriate to terrorist attacks in the UK, or overseas. It is important not to pre-empt any conclusions.

In the UK on Easter Sunday many of us woke up to the shocking news from Sri Lanka. We issued the tweet below:

The same text was posted on our Facebook page.

Condolences letter to Sri Lankan High Commissioner

Over the week after the attacks, much more information had emerged about the perpetrators. Accordingly our Chairman’s letter of condolences to the High Commissioner, reproduced below, was much more specific.

28 April 2019

HE Manisha Gunasekera
High Commissioner
High Commission of Sri Lanka
No.13, Hyde Park Gardens
W2 2LU
Your Excellency
Last Sunday I awoke to the awful news of the terrorist bombings of Christians at prayer on what is for them the holiest day of the year. Since then, like so many in Britain and around the world, my heart has been heavy as we learned more about the human suffering, and the devastating losses of multiple members of many families.
It has also become clear over the week that these barbarous attacks were carried out by people who profess to practice the same religion as me. Innocent men, women and children have been slaughtered by merciless killers who had convinced themselves that they were carrying out virtuous deeds to serve the God that all of us worship. This is truly an abomination.
On behalf of the Conservative Muslim Forum, I am writing to ask you to convey our condolences and prayers to the bereaved and injured in your country.
Yours sincerely
Mohammed Amin

Subsequent expressions of solidarity

On 29 April 2019, a number of CMF Executive members attended the event organised in Parliament by Lord Sheikh which is summarised on our website page “Multifaith commemoration of the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.

On 5 May 2019 three members of the CMF Executive attended the “Performance for Peace” (detaild below) at St Mary’s Church, Putney High Street, organised by the Parish of Putney and the British Sri Lankan Association which was attended by, amongst others, the Sri Lankan High Commissioner, and Nirj Deva DL MEP, Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London.

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