U.K. Government ‘fully committed’ to Gaza ceasefire

19 May 2021

The Conservative Muslim Forum is alarmed at the escalating spiral of violence in Israel and Gaza.  We offer our condolences to all the victims of the fighting. The CMF calls on all parties to take immediate steps to commit to a ceasefire, initiate a political dialogue, and exercise maximum restraint. It is incumbent upon the leadership on both sides at this moment of crisis to refrain from provocations and reprisals, and to instead work towards an immediate de-escalation of tensions.

A settlement can and must be reached through peaceful, political dialogue. It is our collective wish that Arabs and Israelis of all different faiths to live together in peace, dignity and prosperity.  Indeed dialogue, and efforts to promote co-existence between different faiths and nations, are more important than ever in the light of these continuing crises. Only in the past twelve months the CMF has lamented the mistreatment of Muslims in Myanmar, China and now in Gaza.

The CMF supports a practical and peaceful resolution which will allow Jews, Muslims and Christians to worship side by side in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation.

The CMF also wishes to express its wholehearted rejection of any anti-Semitic abuse aimed at members of the British Jewish community.  There is no place for anti-Semitism or any other form of racism in our society.

The CMF is pleased that the U.K. Government remains “fully committed” to bringing about a meaningful ceasefire in Gaza.  James Cleverly MP Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa said earlier today that the international community is “pulling together” to restore permanent peace in the region and called on all parties to work to “reduce tensions”.

The Minister also condemned “acts of terrorism by Hamas” in the Middle East and urged the Israeli government to “adhere to the principles of necessity and proportionality” when defending its “security interests”.

He added: “The international community is pulling together, both in the region, in Europe and the United States, to try and bring about a meaningful ceasefire and work towards what can only be the right way of bringing a permanent peace to the region which is through negotiated, political means.”

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The Conservative Muslim Forum was founded by Lord Sheikh in 2005. All of its members are full members of the Conservative Party.