Canvassing in Sutton & Cheam

Canvassing on the ground is an essential part of winning elections.

It is crucial to identify voters who support us, so that the candidate and his or her team can make sure they vote on polling
day. Also with voters who the canvassing identifies as needing persuasion can subsequently be sent targeted letters about
the issues they care about.

On Saturday 24 January CMF Executive Member Mike Mogul joined a team led by Gavin Barwell, MP for Croydon Central, to canvass not in Gavin’s constituency but in the nearby constituency of Sutton & Cheam in support of the prospective Conservative MP Paul Scully.

Below is a picture of the canvassing team gathered together. Gavin Barwell is wearing a black coat standing to the right of the road sign, and Mike Mogul is next to him wearing a brown coat and hat.

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