CMF event at CCHQ for Conservative Candidates

To win the 2015 General Election, the Conservative Party needs to win votes from all regions of the country, and from all parts of the community.

Historically, most British Muslims have voted for parties other than the Conservative Party. However at each general election the share won by the Conservative Party has risen, and one of the key goals of the Conservative Muslim Forum is to accelerate that trend.

On 4 September 2013 the CMF presented at an event for Conservative candidates at Conservative Campaign Headquarters . The CMF team was led by Mohammed Amin, who gave a brief presentation of the issues and his key messages for Conservative candidates. To maximise the event’s usefulness, all the rest of the time was devoted to a Q&A session, where the practical electoral experience of the rest of the CMF team listed below could be shared with the candidates in responding to their questions.

The CMF team comprised:

  1. Mohammed Amin – CMF Deputy Chairman.
  2. Cllr Jeanne-Marie Douglas – CMF Executive Member. Elected on 6 May 2011 by the Craven Ward to Melton Borough Council.
  3. Cllr Asif Ayub – CMF Executive Member. Local Councillor for the Borough of Spelthorne and a member of the Licencing Committee, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and a deputy on Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee.
  4. Fuad Hamzeh – CMF Executive Member. Previously Agent for the Rutland & Melton Conservative Association (Rt Hon. Alan Duncan MP).
  5. Ajantha Tennakoon – CMF Executive Member. Attorney at Law and active in Finchley & Golders Green Conservatives, the Conservative Women’s Association, and the Conservative Councillors’ Association.

As well as sharing thoughts at the meeting, the CMF will be developing some written suggestions for Conservative candidates which will be available from Shaheen Mahmood.

Below are a couple of group photographs showing the informal approach of the event.


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The Conservative Muslim Forum was founded by Lord Sheikh in 2005. All of its members are full members of the Conservative Party.