Dinner celebrating the CMF Deputy Chairman’s award from Clare College

After Lord Sheikh learned that Clare College Cambridge had selected the CMF’s Deputy Chairmain Mohammed Amin as Alumnus of the Year 2014 he invited Mr Amin and his wife  to a celebratory dinner and extended his invitation to the entire Executive of the Conservative Muslim Forum. Lord Sheikh also invited Carl Arrindell, Director of International Operations and Head of News & Current Affairs at the Islam Channel, and his wife Pauke. Mr Arrindell is a mutual friend of Lord Sheikh and Mohammed Amin.

The dinner took place on 5 November 2013 at Layalina Restaurant, Knightsbridge. The  Conservative Muslim Forum Executive had taken a collection and presented Mr Amin with an engraved glass trophy. It can be seen in the group photo below and also in the 13 minute video below as Mr Amin rests his hand on it while speaking. The inscription is reproduced below:

Presented by Members of the Executive Committee of the Conservative Muslim Forum to Mohammed Amin to commemorate the honour bestowed upon him of Alumnus of the Year 2014 by Clare College Cambridge.

After Lord Sheikh had presented Mr Amin with the trophy, he was asked to say a few words. Mr Amin’s speech was recorded by Executive Member Cllr Asif Ayub and can be watched below. Mr Amin has since mentioned that he had not prepared a speech and was speaking impromptu!

Below are some pointers towards the content of the video:

  • Mr Amin thanks Lord Sheikh for inviting the entire Executive.
  • He explains how Cambridge transformed his life and gives his view of the levels of racism in society 40/50 years ago, sharing a personal experience he had at school.
  • Mr Amin expresses his view that a Cambridge graduate never needs to make any effort to convince other people that he or she is bright and well educated and that this is an enormous benefit throughout life.
  • He recounts the story of Lady Clare who endowed Clare College and explains why he believes British Muslims should give, and be seen to give, to mainstream charities such as their college or university.
  • The video also gives a panoramic view of all of the members of the CMF Executive who were there.
  • The background music is nothing to do with Lord Sheikh’s dinner. The restaurant had many other diners and the music was playing for them.

In the photograph below, standing from left to right: Mrs Pauke Arrindell, Aiysha Mahmood, Shaheen Mahmood, Lady Sheikh, Lord Sheikh, Mohammed Amin, Mrs Tahara Amin, Carl Arrindell, Faruk Miah.

Kneeling in front from left to right: Cllr Asif Ayub, Ahmedur (Attic) Rahman.

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The Conservative Muslim Forum was founded by Lord Sheikh in 2005. All of its members are full members of the Conservative Party.